New France

History 30                                        
New France                        Britney Savage
Stage 1: Identify Desired Results
– Know that the organization of a society and its behavior is influenced by a number of assumptions that surround certain relationships.
– Know that every society will evolve assumptions and practices that surround the key societal relationship between the people and the “land”.
Key Understandings: (‘I Can’ statements)
– I can describe the social organization of New France I can describe the political organization of New France 
– I can articulate why New France fell to the British
– I can explain The Treaty of Utrecht and the Treaty of Paris
– I can elaborate on the impact the Seven Years’ War had on New France I can understand why New France fell to Britain
Essential or Key Questions:
– How was New France’s political and social organizations set up in New France?
– Why was the Treaty of Paris and the Treaty of Utrecht a problem for New France?
– What impact did the Seven Years’ War have on New France?
– Why did New France fall to Britain?
Prerequisite Learning:
–  Cartier, Champlain, push-pull factors
Instructional Strategies:
Interactive lecture Open-ended questions Readings and discussion Videos Exit slip
Stage 2: Determine Evidence for Assessing Learning
Formative: Articulation, observation, exit slip
Stage 3: Build Learning Plan
Current Events: Length of Time: 5 mins. Anyone know of any events happening in the news?
Development: Proper names for Indigenous people
Length of Time: 10 mins.
Handout of proper names for Indigenous people
Development: Political New France                                          
Length of Time:  10 mins.
Political organization (government)
Company of 100 Associates
Sovereign Council
Military Growth of New France
Development: Social New France
Length of Time: 10 mins
Role of the church
Other religious orders
Seigneurial system
Daily life of New France
Development: Reading of the Les Filles du Roi
Length of Time: 15mins.
Hand out the article to read and answer questions
Learning Closure: Exit Slip
Length of Time:10 mins.
What events lead to the fall of New France to the British empire?
PowerPoint, exit slip question, videos, reading, names for Indigenous people hand-out
Possible Adaptations/ Differentiation:
Videos could be used to represent and solidify the material
Management Strategies:
While in group work students are to stay on task Teachers could put students in groups if they know particular students do not work well together
Safety Considerations:
Respect other people’s opinions Cultural sensitivities
Stage 4: Reflection