Summary of Learning

“Tech gives the quietest student a voice.”

– Jerry Blumengarten

It is very hard to believe the class is already done! I would like to thank everyone who contributed to my learning, and how accepting and knowledgeable the class was! Thank you Katia for expanding my horizons in the tech world.

Throughout the course I utilized new tech tools:

  • Discord
  • We Video
  • Canva
  • RSS Readers
  • Furthered my knowledge of WordPress

I hope everyone has a great summer, and best of luck on the rest of your masters journey or congratulations to you who have finished after this class!

“Technology will never replace great teachers, but in the hands of great teachers, it’s transformational.”

– George Couros

2 thoughts on “Summary of Learning

  1. Hi Britney,

    Great job summarizing your learning and discussing how being more informed helps to improve effectiveness in classroom planning and teaching.

    Enjoy your summer break, and best wishes on all your future endeavors!


  2. Hi Britney – I really like that quote you had at the beginning. So true. Great summary! I like the very succinct points for each topic/side. Your students are very lucky as you “embed” these concepts into your own teaching/planning. It was certainly a very eye-opening class. Best wishes on your future learning adventures!


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